HR Webinar: “How To Fire Without Getting Burned,” 12/18/2013

Personnel Plus will host a series of human resource-related webinars in Fall 2013 and Winter/Spring 2014. (Complete list below.)

The next webinar is

Avoiding Wrongful Discharge:
How To Fire Without Getting Burned

December 18, 2013
10:00am to noon
Registration fee: $40
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A discussion on the Montana Wrongful Discharge law and how it impacts employee discipline and discharge.

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Fall 2013

Oct 9th – Wage and Hour Exemptions– A discussion on which individuals are exempt from the requirement to be paid overtime for time worked over 40 hours in a week. The discussion will include an overview of the new computer exemption that takes effect on October 1st, 2013.

Nov. 27th – Understanding the Affordable Care Act. A discussion of the employer and employee penalty provisions, the new Montana Insurance Exchanges and other changes in health insurance laws and rules.

Dec. 18th – Avoiding Wrongful Discharge – “How to Fire With Out Getting Burned!” A discussion on the Montana Wrongful Discharge law and how it impacts employee discipline and discharge.

Winter/Spring 2014

Jan. 15 – Special Issues in Hiring– A discussion of the special rules affecting the hiring process including drug testing, reference & criminal background checks, child labor limitations, candidates with disabilities or pregnant, screening using social media and more.

March 12th – Unique Policy Considerations In Montana– A discussion of the Montana specific rules that differ from federal or other states and how employers need to write policies to comply.

April 16th – 10 Steps to Hiring Success- Montana employers are hiring again! This workshop will address techniques to help your organization get your share of the best talent available.

May 14th – Managing Time Off in Montana- This seminar will discuss the employer’s rights and obligations regarding the approval of time off requested by employees. Maternity, military, jury duty, disability, FMLA, public service leaves and more.

June 11th- Illegal Discrimination and Harassment– A discussion of what Montana law considers to be unlawfully discriminatory or harassing behavior.