FREE Workshop, “Everything You Think You Know about Nonprofits Is Wrong,” 2/24/2016

Join Bozeman SCORE for its first workshop of the year. (Full 2016 schedule below).

Everything You Think You Know
about Nonprofits is Wrong!
with Mary Peterson, Eagle Mount
and Bridget Wilkinson, Bozeman Area Community Foundation

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
11:45am – 1:15pm

Bozeman Public Library
Large Community Room
626 East Main Street

There is no cost for this event. Registration is requested.

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Think you know how many nonprofits are in Bozeman? Or where their money comes from? Think again! Mary and Bridget think we all need to start thinking differently about nonprofits.

This workshop will give a brief overview of the nonprofit sector, where the money does come from, why some nonprofits last while others don’t, what you should know before you give to a nonprofit, and what the future may hold for nonprofits near and far.

Mary and Bridget will also invite participants to consider how to be a strong nonprofit board member in a changing world.

(most events are free, except where indicated by $)

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