HR Workshop: “New Laws on Paying Exempt Employees,” 1/12/2016

Do you pay your employees a set salary/ amount each pay period? Are they EXEMPT from being paid overtime – how do you know?

New Laws on Exempt Employees’ Pay

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
11:50am to 1:30 pm

First Security Bank
Big Sky Conference Room
78 Meadow Center Drive, Big Sky
(across from the post office)

Cost $25 per workshop
(Bring your own lunch)

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  • Just because they’re a manager DOESN’T automatically make them exempt from being paid overtime
  • Have you used the FLSA’s self-audit test?
  • When will these new laws take effect?

Kari will give you an example of an FLSA self-audit test to use for any job (current or future) to determine if the position requirements qualify that employee to be paid as an exempt employee. She’ll answer all of these questions and more.


  • February 9, 2016 – Montana: The NOT at-will employment state

QUESTIONS? Contact Kari Gras at 406-570-4257.