How Does BEAR Work?

BEAR services are free, and all individual business information is held in strict confidence.

The Bozeman BEAR program provides a handful of services to local businesses. Primarily, we are a broker between our clients and a variety of resources . At this time, these resources include mentors, training dollars, seed funding, and occasionally business opportunities and clients.  Specifically, we provide the following primary services to Gallatin County businesses:

  1. Access to a team of mentors who provide feedback and perspective on specific issues for up to two hours at no charge The Bozeman BEAR’s mentor network is varied and growing. Some are consultants who provide specific services. Some have specific business experiences that can be shared. Some are former BEAR clients who are interested in giving back. Because we are in the business of networking and connecting, our general approach is that every BEAR client is potentially a team member.
  2. Access to training grants at the Montana Dept of Labor. These training grants are also widely varied: they can sometimes be very industry specific (helping a web developer learn a new coding language, for example); other times, they can be customized training that helps a client learn a specific business function (connecting our clients with finance or management coaches, for example). We take an active role in helping clients identify training ideas and in getting the IWT paperwork to an approvable level.
  3. We have also helped several clients successfully launch online crowd funding campaigns. These are not for everyone, but they can be an excellent opportunity for small businesses with compelling needs and simple costs.

It all starts with an interview. What happens after that depends on your needs, our resources, and the creativity we all bring to the process.

Are you interested in becoming a BEAR Client?
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Have other questions about the BEAR Program?
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